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About our LINC Program

Agapé Language Centre has an agreement with Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada  to provide high quality language instruction for newcomers (permanent residents and refugees) who have come to Calgary. LINC is a free program (funded by the government) for qualifying participants. The program focuses on language used in relevant and meaningful contexts within community, work, and study settings. Topics such as banking, health, Canadian culture, and employment are commonly chosen by students as the focus of instruction.



Agapé currently has four levels of instruction, levels 1 to 4. Some of our students cannot communicate in English at all. Sometimes they are illiterate in their own languages, meaning that reading and writing is a completely new concept for them. 



Agapé runs on a continual intake semester system. This means that students can enter the class anytime during each semester. We have three semesters during the year: Fall, Winter, and Summer. Although semester is approximately 15 weeks long, students can expect to be in their classes for at least a year. 

Each teacher works hard to enrich the experience of each student whether it is by teaching them about Canadian holiday's or turning a dry lesson into an exciting learning experience. 

The Registration Process

There are a few steps for students to register for the LINC program: 

  1. Go to Immigrant Language and Vocational Assessment Referral Centre (ILVARC) to write your test. The test will assess your English literacy in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Phone them at (403) 262 2656 to make an appointment.

  2. Your placement will be based on your lowest level.

  3. While you are at ILVARC you will meet with a counselor. This person will be your personal counselor, feel free to call them and ask them questions about school.

  4. Once you have finished your test they will give you a referral form. It will have two school options on it based on your literacy level and where you live. Go to one of those schools to be registered but if they do not have room, go to the other. If both schools are full, go back to ILVARC for another set of schools.

  5. For the LINC program, the student must register in person. However, feel free to email us to let us know you are coming.