Agapé's CLB Levels

Canadian language benchmarks

The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the official national standards used for describing, measuring and recognizing the language proficiency of adult newcomers to Canada. The CLB standard is a descriptive scale of reference points, called benchmarks, along a continuum from 1-12 and includes communicative competencies and tasks in the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The 12 benchmarks are organized into Stage 1, Basic Language Ability, Stage 2, Intermediate Language Ability, and Stage 3, Advanced Language Ability. At Agapé Language Centre, we offer classes in the first two stages for Literacy and CLB 1 - 5 Students.

When students meet the targets and give evidence of learning, we provide certificates demonstrating the CLB levels achieved for each skill.

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  • Foundations

    This class is for learners who have limited or no literacy skills in any language.  The focus is on both language and literacy.  Students will learn listening, speaking, reading and writing with attention to reading and writing letters of the alphabet, numbers, their name and simple personal information.

  • CLB 1

    In this level, learners will start with the basics of the language. They will focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing in simple English needed for real life.  Learners will practice using simple phrases for meeting people, answering simple questions for personal information, and conveying greetings.

  • Canadian Language benchmark 2

    stage 1 - developing ability

    Students attending this class are working towards the CLB 2 goals for each skill. They are focusing on understanding and creating simple conversations in everyday situations.

    Students use a limited number of common words and simple phrases in very short, non-demanding contexts.

    Basic skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing are developed to complete simple tasks in familiar situations.

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  • Canadian Language benchmark 3

    stage 1 - adequate ability

    In this class, students work towards the CLB 3 goals and can understand key words, some phrases and most short sentences on topics of immediate personal relevance.

    Students understand an expanding range of details when listening and can write basic personal information using simple phrases and sentences about familiar topics.

    Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are developed to include basic information in simple sentences.

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  • Canadian language benchmark 4

    stage 1 - fluent ability

    In this final benchmark of Stage 1, students work towards the CLB 4 benchmark goals. They focus on understanding simple communication that is formal and informal.

    Students in this class will learn to communicate about common everyday activities, experiences, wants and needs. Readings get increasingly longer and students learn to write simple messages on familiar topics.

    Students who complete CLB 4 in listening and speaking qualify for the language requirements for the Canadian Citizenship Test.

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  • Canadian Language Benchmark 5

    stage 2 - initial ability

    In this class, students begin Stage 2 of the benchmarks and work towards the CLB 5 goals. They practice understanding moderately complex communication in listening and reading, and learn to create moderately complex communication in speaking and writing.

    Students improve in understanding conversations on the phone when the topics are familiar. They also learn to connect speech and use some complex sentences.

    After graduating from CLB 5 at Agape, students continue at another language centre to work towards higher benchmark goals.

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